A man kills the thing he loves, and he must die a little himself.

Clive Barker, Imajica (via natbrehmer)


Nightbreed: The Interactive Movie. So cinematic!


Dr. Phillip K. Decker, psychiatrist

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my god why did i ever stop checking fb…

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I stumbled upon this on youtube and had to share it for a Friday movie. Clive Barker hosts a dinner with other horror authors and filmmakers :)

The seasons long for each other, like men and women, in order that they may be cured of their excesses. Spring, if it lingers more than a week beyond its span, starts to hunger for summer to end the days of perpetual promise. Summer in its turn soon begins to sweat for something to quench its heat, and the mellowest of autumns will tire of gentility at last, and ache for a quick sharp frost to kill its fruitfulness. Even winter - the hardest season, the most implacable - dreams, as February creeps on, of the flame that will presently melt it away. Everything tires with time, and starts to seek some opposition, to save it from itself.

Clive Barker, The Hellbound Heart, 1986 (via drinksattheendoftheworld)


Hellraiser inspired Monopoly Board

By Mr. Sharp

Full Article: http://horrorhomework.com/blog/2013/04/contest-winner-brain-sharp-and-his-hellraiser-inspired-monopoly-board/



Clásicos del cine estilo manga > Matsuda Yuusuke


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I think I WILL go home," she said. "I’m not ready to meet Goddesses, even if they are up there. I’ve sinned too much."
“That’s absurd,” said Jude. “This isn’t about sin and forgiveness. That kind of nonsense is for the men. This is…” she faltered, uncertain of the vocabulary, then said, “… this is WISER than that.

Hoi-Polloi and Jude in Imajica, Clive Barker.  (via outori)
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