just in time for HALLOWEENTOBER, a papercraft Lemarchand’s box created by Destro2k

click through and grab the template to make one for yourself…you know, for whenever you need a quick portal to NIGHTMARETOWN

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Definitely getting re-inspired by Clive Barker lately…

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Fuck Yeah Clive Barker turned 4 today!


Look who stopped by over the weekend and signed some stock for us!

You are not content with the stories, so I was obliged to come.


Books of Blood Vol. 1 - 6

Art by Clive Barker

One of my blind spots in my horror fiction reading…


miss the days when Barker filmed his movie)

We’ll all of us follow him, by and by.

Clive Barker, from Imajica (via the-final-sentence)

Not leaving us so soon, are you?

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